Clancey - Design Distributor is extremely proud of our relationship with Southco, Inc. Southco is the recognized global leader in access hardware. Clancey is the recognized leader in the distribution of Southco products.

Our roots with Southco extend back to 1953 when Southco was an "upstart" fastener company – just 7 years old. Southco sought out the Clancey Company (forerunner of Clancey – Design Distributor) to represent their business interests in the Midwest. The Clancey Company - our professional representation organization - still represents Southco in this capacity today.

Clancey and Southco enjoyed success together working with leading manufacturers in the Midwest. At the core of our success were commitments to continuous training, excellence in product knowledge, and a dedication to serving our customers.

In the late 1950's we recognized the need to serve our Midwestern customers more quickly than they could be served by Southco's factory in Philadelphia. Clancey started stocking various sizes of Southco drive rivets in the closet spaces and spare corners of our offices in Kansas City. From these humble beginnings our distribution business was born.

Clancey was selected as an inaugural "Authorized Southco Distributor" when Southco, Inc. established a formal distribution program in 1992. Since that time, Clancey's distribution business has grown significantly with Southco. Through the years our commitment to excellence has allowed us to achieve every major award and recognition level that Southco has created for its distributors: Diamond, Diamond Specifier, and we are proud to be the first distributor recipient of Southco's "President's Cup" award for outstanding achievement in sales and customer service.

The Clancey of today is a dynamic, ISO 9001 registered company with multiple warehouses to serve our customers. We have a full assortment of distribution tools to help you maximize the value of your Southco purchases. Our buying power and low overhead allow us to be extremely price competitive on these items.

Rather than focus exclusively on price, we want you to judge for yourself the value you will get by purchasing from Clancey. Our team of Application Specialists and Customer Service Representatives are as knowledgeable, professional and talented as any team you will find, regardless of industry. At the core is their concern for your success as a company. We are a team people that you will enjoy and trust.

If you are buying Southco products, we hope that you will buy them from us.

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